India is a common destination for people especially business people. This is because of the cep markets for many products from spices to clothing and other material. India is also popular for the very qualified medical practitioners and many people with complex surgeries to undergo are taken to India. This is why there is always a large number of visitors to India at any particular time.

Some of the Indian cultural norms to expect when traveling

In addition to the many cheap markets and being a hub foe experienced medical practitioners, India is a country that has held on to their cultural norms and beliefs over the years. The natives on India understand that they are not very modernized but they require their visitors to familiarize themselves with their culture and norms. Some of the most common cultures and norms you are likely to expect include the following;

Removing shoes

Indians consider the feet unclean but the shoes are considered more unclean. The therefore remove their shoes when entering any home, place of worship and even some shops. It is therefore important to ensure that you have footwear that is easy to remove and put back on because you will do that a lot while in India.


This is a word which is said when people are meeting or saying. It is said while pressing your palms in front of your heart as if you are praying and nodding your head a little. Doing the praying gesture even without pronouncing the word has the same meaning.

The left hand

This hand is considered unfit for eating and you should not use it at any point. This is because Indians do not use toilet paper after using the toilet. There is often a container with water at the toilet. After going for a long call, you are supposed to pour some of the water on your left hand and wash yourself. If there is soap, you can wash your hand afterwards. The left hand is also considered unclean because it is used to blow the nose by Indians.

Decent dressing

Indians unlike Muslims have slightly advanced in their dressing code. Women have started wearing westernized clothes but decent and not too tight. When in India, it is advisable to avoid wearing ripped clothes especially for the women. This helps to prevent attracting unnecessary attention from the native Indians in the streets. However, a casual pair of jeans and t-shirts is allowed and not considered indecent.


India is one of the places to be especially for people who are enthusiastic about culture. The Indian culture couple with other reasons like business and medical care services are some of the reasons why people visit the country. While in the country, it is advisable to take some time and learn a little about their culture. This will help you to blend in perfectly with the people in the country and even make friends. Sone of the most popular cultures you might come across while in India include, greetings and goodbye by the use of the word Namaste, removal of shoes and decent outfit. You should also ensure that you do not use your left and to eat, it is considered unfit and unclean.



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